REPtrition nutrition coaching

Exercise is Only Half the Battle!

Combining your efforts in the gym with a proper diet is the BEST WAY to maximize your results! With REPTrition Nutrition coaching, you get a custom plan and private coaching to amplify your progress.

How It Works

Fat Loss

REPTrition clients are averaging a 2% drop in body fat percent per month! Our program is built around education and building a health relationship with food. No crash diets, no weight rebounds.

Muscle Gain

Building muscle without gaining fat is tough! It takes dialed in nutrition and consistency. Your coach will give you the best opportunity for results and adjust your plan as you progress.

Athletic Performance

The needs of athletes is different than others. All the best athletes have a sports nutrition coach. Now you can too! Your coach will direct you with the right amounts of protein, carbs, and fats, and ensure you have the proper hydration and fueling protocols to maximize performance for your sport.

One Size Fits All DOESN'T WORK.

Your plan is YOUR plan. Only have time for 2 meals per day? That’s ok! Don’t want to count calories? You don’t have to! Your nutrition coach will build a plan around what works for you. That’s the best way to ensure long term success.

Coach Kai

Reach your goals, without giving up your favorite foods.

Your personal REPTrition Nutrition Coach will teach you how to reach your goals, without giving up your favorite foods. Your coach will track your progress and keep you accountable with daily checkins. Going out to dinner? Share the menu with your coach for advice on the best choices. Need help shopping? Schedule a 1:1 trip to your favorite grocery store. Your coach will help you understand nutrition labels and shop with you to guide your choices. Need to address the foods in your kitchen? We got you! Schedule a pantry makeover. Your coach will come to your home and help get rid of foods most likely to derail your progress and teach you how to meal prep using the equipment you already have!

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