RepRoom Bellevue

Meet OuR Staff

Staff at the RepRoom are highly qualified, longstanding and well qualified members of the fitness community. Check out our roster of rockstar coaches, standing by to help you accomplish your fitness goals.

Mason Alexander

Communication Manager | Coach

I grew up playing a lot of sports all the way through high-school and into college. Through my love of football, I developed an interest in weightlifting as well. I became a personal trainer by my sophomore year in college and really began to enjoy helping others become better versions of themselves.

It wasn’t until my wife introduced me to CrossFit, that I was able to take on a whole new level of understanding and appreciation for health and athleticism. With her guidance and encouragement to attain my CF-L1, I found true passion in the development of others. I drive focus towards bodily awareness, foundational strength, good technique work and patience as vital ingredients to this cocktail we call functional fitness.

Kai Siddiqui


I grew doing gymnastics, wresting and playing football. In 2013, I found CrossFit and fell in love. It was about performance, technique, improving little by little. It was exactly what I needed. For the last 6 years I’ve dedicated my life to helping people reach their health and fitness goals. When I’m not in the gym you’ll find me exploring nature with my family. Everything we do in the gym will be reflected in what we are capable of doing outside. Simply put, my goal to make everyone who comes through the doors, the very best version of of themselves.

Chance Boley


Hello! My name is Chance and I have been doing CrossFit for about 4 years now. Outside of CF I enjoy being outside, such as hiking, paddle boarding, and biking in various forms. What brought me to CrossFit was the idea of finding out what one’s limits are. How can we push ourselves, and what will happen when we strive for a connection with our minds and bodies. I enjoy building relationships with people and helping others achieve their goals while learning about their own bodies, minds, and limits. Advice to athletes: master technique! Technique is everything, the more efficient we can be with our technique, the more effective our training will be.

Josepher Pacquing


I’m a Veteran who feels very blessed to have served 10+ years as a US Army Infantryman. I’m happily married with two adventurous little boys. My wife and I enjoy the outdoors, being active, and watching our little champions experience life to the fullest. CrossFit has translated well beyond the gym for me. It encourages me to push my limits mentally and physically and inspires me to be the very best I can be for my family. I am proud to be a coach here at CFA. And I take that responsibility very seriously. Every day at Amped is an opportunity for our Athletes to understand and practice the knowledge to move correctly, eat right, and inevitably reap the benefits of elite fitness.