RepRoom Bellevue

Classes Offered

Rep 45

A well crafted and fast paced workout for the person who loves the quick and efficient muscle burn! In 45 minutes our class will cover a full body warm up, 10-20 minute circuit and a cool down that isolates either the abs, arms, legs or full stretch! REP 45 is our newest class and already a fan favorite!

Length: 45 Minutes

Rep 101

Learn the basic, fundamental movements that we use here at RepRoom in a small group environment. All fitness levels are welcome and in just 8 sessions you will practice and apply new exercises with all types of equipment setting up for success when transitioning into our regular classes. Once you’ve completed REP 101, you’re ready to join our group class schedule.

Length: 60 Minutes

Rep 60

Our GOLD standard! This 60-minute workout covers 3 main components, warm-up, skill or strength work, and a fast-paced finisher to get your heart rate up and leave you hungry for more! Build confidence while improving your skill level and gaining strength on all our movements in REP 60.
If you attend this class 3-5 days per week you’re going to love the results!

Length: 60 Minutes

Open Gym

(Currently Unavailable)

An open period where you can focus on whatever you’d like, including but not limited to mastering a skill, building strength, or executing metabolic conditioning.

Length: 60 Minutes